We Engage Creative minds to Make Your Website Stand Out:

Design & Develop

With your Design or idea, we customize it to your Needs and Develop your Website


Host & Maintain

No need to Hustle with another host or Maintain provider, we do all that for you.


Update Your Website

Throughout the year, we update your website at NO extra cost. You Say it Just.



We're a software company that provide solutions

Our Team of Developers and Designers comprise of highly Motivated and and ambitious Young People willing to offer the best Affordable web services in Uganda and beyond so that every one’s Dream of Online presence is achived.

Get Online & Get Custom

We are ready to offer you a custom made website where you directly involve with our design team to custom make every single detail of the your website so that you have a feel of having a product of your own making.

All In One Package

Have all your Website Design, Development, Hosting Emails, Space, Security, Updates etc all in One Single Package; NO Extra Charges.


Let's start a cool project with Softlab!

We Provide Best Solution For Your Business
Innovative Ideas

Every project has its Unique requirements & we Make . 

Vast Experience

With over 10+ years in the Website Business. 

Highly Customizable

Your Design, Your Website: We Develop it for You:

Time Management

In Just 3 (Three) Days, your website is ready for Launch:

Featured Services

We are creative in design & development

We Support Project Idea Development

If you think you want a Website but still don't know what to put there?! Worry not, our Team can develop ideas with you.

Real Time & Quick Updates

Whenever, wherever you want to update your website, just send us a text and its done in no time.

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Why You Need Us
For Your Website Project

We Design:

You Choose Our Professional Designers create some initial designs for your website and you choose one concept that is best for you.

Mobile Friendly Websites:

All our websites are Fully Mobile and Tablet Friendly meaning that anyone on any device can still browse through your website with the best Experience.

Free SEO

Would you like to see your website on the first Google Search Page? Our All In One Package gives you that at no Extra Cost including periodic Reports on Search Performance upon Request.

Ease Of Updates

With a Our Design, you'll have full control on updates to your webiste anytime you need and our Support team in place to help whenever needed.

Creating Ideas That Matters To People.

We Are Creative In Design, Development, Host, Maintaincnace & Update:

Business Goal


Traffic Growth


Competitor Research


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