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Gloxpad Consulting
Gloxpad Consulting

Food systems & sustainability consulting experts.

TOGETHER WE ARE restoring hope and mental health awareness.

Working towards creating a safe space for engagement of adolescents.

TAHI mobilizes young people aged 10-24 years through highly participatory and youth friendly methods

We advocate for the protection and enforcement of children’s rights in areas of highly unmet needs.

A tour and safari company that assembles and delivers premium tourism experiences.

Our Mission is: To Build A Vibrant youthful Generation.

Serves The Orphans And Abandoned Children In Uganda’s Communities.

We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others,

Registered in 2009 as a mobilization tool to spearhead innovative and practical approaches to mobilizing resources for common development

Our trips and travel experiences are more than your usual trip. 

CEDO envisages a nation where absolute poverty, poor health and rights abuse have been overcome and people live in Dignity.

Providing tourists with the best adventure, leisure and all kinds of field trips in east Africa.

Splendid African Outfits is an online fashion store offering customized, handmade African bespoke Outfits.

Specializes in the importation & Distribution of commercial fitness equipment.

Universal Health and Development Foundation (UHDF) is a legally registered grass-roots organization focused on advocacy.

Malawian registered women-led organizations established by young women who are were victims of forced child marriage and had fallen into early and unintended pregnancy.

Christian non-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda.  

Thank you all for trusting us to reach your help to the needful.

School is a mixed day and boarding, Nursery & Primary School focusing on a wholistic approach of child upbringing.

We work with communities and partners to alleviate poverty, food insecurity, conflicts, social injustices, fostering early childhood development and protect natural resources through actions and innovations

Hope and transformation among the fishing community in Uganda!

We are determined to explore different opportunities that require our skills and be able to grow and improve in the coming years.

Kampala Academy Kisaasi has been a leader in independent school education throughout Uganda and beyond. 

H.F.P.F.U works in Bugiri and around the district to reach those children who are missing out most on learning and education.

Itinga Charity Education Foundation is in its final stage of registration as the nonprofit Organization with the aim of advancing the education of disadvantaged children.

Thrift Holdings limited was founded in 2013 as a tax, audit, accounting and advisory firm. Since then, we have provided support to a wide range of clients. 

VEHRA Is a registered youth-led LGBT organization founded in 2017 to advocate for the rights and freedoms of sexual minority groups in Uganda through sport, art and economic empowerment.

WNL Sensitizes the youths in the community about sports and teach it through training sessions, camps, workshops and through any other appropriate means.

The vision of the Church a vision of integral salvation for all, through the preaching of the complete gospel to all nations.

An opportunity to Learn about landmark moments in African History.