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Professional Websites
Developed by the BEST!

We are a team of young, experienced developers who are passionate about their work. Years of cooperation with both corporations and startups, helped us to build diverse portfolio of interesting projects.

All in One Package

Have all your Website Design, Development, Hosting Emails, Space, Security, Updates etc all in One Single Package; NO Extra Charges.

Unlimitedness in ALL

All our Packages have Unlimited; Pages, Emails, Disk Space, Updates, Maintenance Supports, 24hr Help Desk and many more.
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Why You
Need Us for Your Website needs
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We Design : You Choose Our Professional Designers create some initial designs for your website and you choose one concept that is best for you.
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Responsive/Mobile Freindly Websites: All our websites are Fully Mobile and Tablet Freindly meanining that anyone on any device can still browse through your website with the best Experience.
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Free SEO Would you like to see your website on the first Google Search Page? Our All In One Package gives you that at no Extra Cost including periodic Reports on Search Perfomance upon Request.
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Ease of Updates With a Our Design, you'll have full control on updates to your webiste anytime you need and our Support team in place to help whenever needed.
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Professionalism + Affodability Our Team of Developers and Designers comprise of highly Motivated and and ambitious Young People willing to offer the best Affordable web services in Uganda and beyond so that every one's Dream of Online presence is achived.
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Get Online & Get Custom We are ready to offer you a custom made website where you directly involve with our design team to custom make every single detail of the your website so that you have a feel of having a product of your own making.
  • Unlimted Emails:
    Even if you need 1000 Emails to your Domain, you get them at no extra Cost
  • No Hidden costs:
    The one Yearly Payment you make, its enough for all services:
  • Unlimited Space
    Be asured of no calls to increse your plan space, you have enough:
  • Unlimited Pages:
    Its Upto you, you can have as many pages as you like, your content and worry to share are your best Drivers
  • Unlimited Update:
    Update your webiste anytime and anything you want, we help if needed.
  • Unlimted Security:
    Our Cyber team offers unlimted protection on all content you share on website and emails.
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Your Website Journey

From your show of intrest in our services to the launch & subsquent use of it, we are with you together, Join the Journey now:

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Why are We
Different from others:

Unlike others in the field, we are a social Enterprise that benefits more when others are supported, and our struggles in starting up and high costs we couldn't afford, pushed us to starting Softlab so that everyone get a chance for online presence.

  • Software Dev't
  • Web Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Cyber Security
  • Mobile App Dev't
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When it comes to Tech Social Enterprise Start-Ups in Uganda, the Big question alwayis is:

'Will they ever make money in the long run?' This scares many young entreprenuers off and enventualy the Ideas Die.

The change in the Digital Landscape of today calls for a sector-wise forced adaptation:

Every Entreprenuer and Social Service sector that seeks to stay afloat, needs to go Digital; But how far is best?

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What Inspires us
To Keep Moving
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Coming Soon: Our Latest News

We shall also offer a platform for Young Writers in the Tech-World riding on Social Entreprenuership to show to the world how the world can be better through Reading.

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