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Set Up your email on Android Gmail

How to Set Up your Email on Gmail for Android

Set up your your Email account on Gmail with your smartphone on your android mobile phone.

Step 1 – Gather the your Email Account Details

Gather the configuration details of your email account: If you don’t have a website with us yet, just talk to us here, our see our services.

IMAP (incoming)POP3 (incoming)SMTP (outgoing)
Host: imap.hostinger.com
Encryption: SSL
Port number: 993
Encryption: SSL
Port number: 995
Encryption: SSL
Port number: 465

If you’re not completely sure about your email password, you can easily reset it.

Step 2 – Set Up your Email on Gmail for Android

First, make sure you have the Gmail application installed on your device.

Then, add a new email account by following this article. Pages with IMAP and SMTP details inserted will look like this:

Setting up Hostinger Email on Gmail for Android

That’s it! Now you know how to set up your Email on Gmail for Android 😊


Most errors are related to having entered incorrect parameters into your email client. In those cases, it is highly recommended to reset your password and re-enter the parameters one more time, making sure that the IMAP or POP3 and SMTP settings match with those from the table above.

And thats it.

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